Connected case analysis for disputes

Connect your legal team with a centralised, up-to-date source of information, to build your case from instruction through to resolution.

The secure, cloud-based Opus 2 platform enables your entire case team to work seamlessly together, sharing facts, documents and analysis, whilst minimising administrative overheads and security risks.


Upload your documents

Create a single source of key case materials for your whole team.

Upload your case documents, or import from your disclosure system, to the cloud-based platform. Once there, your material is fully protected to the highest security standards and you can organise your documents in electronic folders where they’ll remain private and protected.

Your dedicated Opus 2 project manager will ensure your documents are organised and linked to meet the requirements of your case and your team. If you are ready to manage all of your cases with Opus 2, our enterprise licence offers more autonomy and flexibility.


Connect your team from anywhere

Bring together your case team, experts and clients around a centralised, up-to-date source of information.

Access documents and take immediate action on key information from wherever you are in the world. Reap all the benefits of flexible and remote working, creating a truly borderless, mobile team.

Control access to specific documents and annotations, eradicating the risk of unsecure email attachments or unencrypted USBs that could compromise client data.


Collaborate and analyse

Share ideas, questions and analysis across your key case documents, from instruction through to resolution.

Annotate documents using post-it style dialogue boxes that appear when specific passages or text are highlighted. Prevent information from getting lost in email or paper memos by accessing and securing everything in one place.

Share your notes and ideas with the whole team or selected users, who can add their own comments, building a trail of up-to-date, real-time discussion for everyone to see and act upon.


Build your case strategy

Manage complex matters efficiently using cloud-based tools that allow you to view and analyse the case holistically. Create event chronologies and tag content—for example by issue, theme or witness—and create strategic hyperlinks between conflicting or complementary facts.

The system automatically sorts the tagged content into folders, making finding and organising information much simpler.


Boost productivity

Designed to complement and enhance the way you work today.

Build your case as you would in a paper world, but with the added speed and efficiency of automation. Use the search and reporting tools to navigate case material and your work product.

Gain valuable new perspectives from different angles using complex queries and filtered content. Deliver custom reports in a few easy steps.


Seamlessly transition to electronic trials and hearings

Choose the fully managed service from Opus 2 to transfer your key documents and analysis seamlessly to a trial environment.

We’ll turn the key documents into a shared, electronic bundle to take into the hearing room. Your analysis and notes will be migrated into a secure private workspace that is visible only to authorised users of your case team.

Changes to bundles are instantly synchronised, reducing the time spent on updating numerous, expensive hard copy sets or USB drives with inserts.

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Key benefits

Modernise your litigation practice

Empower your legal teams to operate in a truly borderless and mobile environment with technology that makes communication and collaboration a connected and seamless process.

Deliver stronger client services

Legal teams can focus more on their clients’ needs and developing stronger strategies, building on one another’s insights in real-time to yield optimal representation for clients.

Greater insight

Powerful visualisation, research and analysis tools tailor-made for lawyers enable legal teams to see the case from different angles to derive unique insights.

Enhance productivity

Connect your case teams and materials digitally from instruction through to resolution and benefit from keeping documents, transcripts and work product in one place.


“Predictive coding might be the rock star of litigation technology, but a shared cloud infrastructure for collaboration between lawyers, counsel, clients and experts is the unsung hero. CaseReady* will significantly advance our litigation technology offering. It will provide our clients and our 800+ disputes lawyers with a smarter way of working for all major litigation, arbitration and investigations”. *CaseReady is powered by Opus 2

Paul Worth Co-Head of Global Litigation, Eversheds

“I think [the Opus 2 platform] increases productivity by about 25%”

High Court Judge Technology & Construction Court, 2020

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