Connected case management

Now legal teams can seamlessly collaborate in a single connected platform — to analyse, build and prove their case. The cloud-based Opus 2 platform is tailor-made for end-to-end case management, so your entire team can work together simply and securely, with nothing standing in their way.


Load your key evidence into Opus 2

Secure your critical evidence and attorney work product in one centralized platform, creating a single source for everything your team will need. It's quick and easy. Just drag and drop files and folders from the desktop or import documents and your work product automatically from your e-discovery solutions. Opus 2 can automatically OCR PDFs without slowing your productivity — because all processing happens in the background.

Already using a legacy system to manage evidence or transcripts? No problem. Our solution experts have helped our customers migrate from a wide range of different systems and have the experience to help yours go smoothly.


Connect the whole team and access from anywhere

Now you can easily connect your entire case team — whether they're in the office, working from home or on the move. Informed decisions can be made swiftly. Everyone has secure access to the latest files via a single system, avoiding document sprawl, confusion, delay and the risk of content being sent insecurely via other means. 

Co-counsel can be given access — and you can also bring aboard clients to access and share evidence. At all times, you retain complete control over access and visibility with granular role and permission management.


Collaborative analysis

Your team can work collaboratively in real-time. Opus 2 enables a free exchange of ideas, a sharp focus on detail and collective decisions being made at the right time.

Instead of information getting lost in email or scattered across systems, all your critical discussions can happen in one place. Legal teams can share insights, analysis and questions across your key documents.

It's easy to markup documents and share them with the whole team or selected users. You can build a trail of up-to-date, real-time discussion for everyone to see and act upon.


Build your case strategy

Simple-yet-powerful search and reporting tools make it faster for your team to navigate case materials, events, and facts. You can execute complex queries quickly, filter content and explore the evidence through different lenses — unearthing new insights that may prove decisive.

It's possible to tag content by issue, theme, witness or another variable. You can also build chronologies of key events and create links between facts to strengthen your strategy.

The system automatically sorts tagged content into folders, making finding and organizing information simpler.


Frictionless deposition preparation and transcript management

You can develop outlines and your line of questioning based on your analysis, mark-ups and notes. It's also easy to create and share witness binders with your wider team and collaborate to build the strongest approach possible.

Transcripts with streaming video are fully indexed and searchable alongside your key evidence, making it possible to uncover connections between facts in existing documents and witness testimony.


Efficient trial preparation

Opus 2 is designed for legal teams — so you spend less time trying to manage documents and more time on the work that really matters. Ahead of the trial, you've now got the tools to easily build your case strategy, prepare your evidence, and curate your trial exhibit list seamlessly.

Simply, click and drag to create and manage designations directly on transcripts. Video clips are automatically generated on testimony, which can be fine-tuned and exported in different formats.

When the pressure is on, Opus 2 can save you hours of precious time.

Key benefits

Empower your team

Give your case team more flexibility and autonomy with flexible, mobile and remote working using the cloud. Give everyone involved in the trial easy and secure access to key evidence and transcripts via a private online workspace.

Boost productivity

Organize case materials and connect the ideas, questions, and expertise of your case team — all in one place — to build the strongest strategy possible.

Highly secure

Protect your sensitive case material to the highest security standards. Our ISO-certified platform provides a trusted alternative to file sharing that can put client data at risk.

Tailor-made for lawyers

Spend less time managing files and more time on the legal work that will give you the edge, thanks to powerful tools created specifically for leading lawyers.


"When our litigators see Opus 2, they quickly appreciate its value and they are eager to begin using it; Opus 2 quickly becomes an essential tool in their case management workflow."

Florinda Baldridge Global Director of Practice Support for Norton Rose Fulbright LLP

“Opus 2 is unique in that it covered all our bases in a single tool. We couldn’t find anything else that compared to it.”

Catherine McPherson Litigation Management Consultant, Bartlit-Beck

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