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A secure solution that combines intuitive tools to organize and manage matter-related information

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Find out what’s new with Opus 2 Case Management version 8
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Opus 2 Counsel

Barristers are gaining more autonomy and control over how they work across their whole case portfolio with Opus 2 Counsel, giving them a consistent way of working on all cases as well as simplifying administrative workflows with clerks.
Harmonise your whole case portfolio with Opus 2 Counsel. Our secure, cloud-based solution enables you work more efficiently and gain greater independence and consistency across all your cases.
Start working in your own private workspace from the outset and seamlessly transition to the shared workspace, along with all your work product when the solicitor team is prepared, closer to the hearing.
With Opus 2 Counsel, you can reduce the pain of manual, repetitive tasks. Your clerk has greater visibility of your deliverables, enabling them to effectively manage the billing and commercial aspects of your practice, without creating additional administrative overhead, leaving you free to focus on the substantive issues of your case.
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Document analysis
In-document annotation
and collaboration
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Chronology enables the creation of complete case timelines, the backbone of any dispute, with links to all the underlying facts and evidence involved. It enables users to instantly create visualisations, comprising of key events linked to all the underlying evidence, displayed in a chronological timeline allowing point by point case building.

Such visualisations paint a clearer picture and flesh out key details and connections. Fact-based chronologies can be created in seconds from the available data. Powerful filtering tools allow users to focus on specific issues and evidence and instantly visualise event specific timelines.

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Document analysis

Document analysis allows you to bring all your key case documents together in one place, reducing the possibility of duplication of documents and mitigating risk associated with using multiple pieces of software and document sharing tools. With our built-in document analysis tools, you can analyse documents, page by page in a split screen view or manually select documents to appear in multiple tabs in your browser, making it simpler to annotate and evaluate multiple reliant documents.

Whilst reviewing the documents, there is the capability to split documents into smaller more relevant documents, as well as the tools to re-organising, re-name and manipulate when required.

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In-document annotation and collaboration

Rich in-document annotation and collaboration capabilities gives the user the capability to tag, annotate and mark up documents using a modern version of “post-it notes” or highlighting.

Text selection can be identified and tagged, creating a link directly to a piece of text within a document, alternatively documents can be linked together and can be referenced when needed.

Notes can be private to the user or shared across groups of users or even every user assigned to the particular case.

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Simple, efficient bundle creation is imperative for any case. With Opus 2 Counsel, a separate document collection can be created inside of a case, and documents can easily be moved into the collection (this will become the bundle).

Documents can be renamed, reordered and moved into the relevant folders of the bundle. These folders become the bookmarks for the bundle and support the automatic creation of index pages.

The output is a fully paginated, searchable, selectable indexed bundle in a PDF format, which can be shared with any third party as a clean or marked up PDF bundle.

Other features:


Case management


Portfolio visibility of active cases


Activity dashboards


Centralised hosting


Paperless platform


GDPR compliant


No IT infrastructure requirements


Cloud-based solution


Highly secure ISO-accreditation

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