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Our leadership

3 Charlie Harrel

Charlie Harrel

Chief Operating Officer

2 Oliver Clark

Oliver Clark

Chief Financial Officer

Oliver McClintock-1

Oliver McClintock

Chief Commercial Officer

5 Raymond Bentinck

Raymond Bentinck

Chief Product Officer

6 Robert Cannon

Robert Cannon

Chief Technology Officer

Smriti Sinha-1

Smriti Sinha

General Counsel


Rachel Foxton

Regional Managing Director Asia Pacific

9 Holly Gavaghan

Holly Gavaghan

Head of Arbitration, Business Development

8 Taryn Auchecorne

Taryn Auchecorne

Business Development Director

11 Don Fuchs

Don Fuchs

Senior Vice President of Business Development

13 David Connolly

David Connolly

Sales Director

12 Liza Pestillos-Ocat

Liza Pestillos-Ocat

Senior Vice President of US Operations

Roopal Patel

Roopal Patel

Head of Hearings, Business Development, EMEA

15 Helen Ford

Helen Ford

Managing Director

16 Andrew Wright

Andrew Wright

Director of Solution Services

17 Sarah Mill

Sarah Mill

Director of Hearing Services

20 Anderson Sidwell

Anderson Sidwell

IT Director

18 Kerry Tupper

Kerry Tupper

Head of Digital Transcription

21 Arunn Ramadoss

Arunn Ramadoss

Head of Marketing

Orla Searson - Header of HR

Orla Searson

Head of HR

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