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hearing service detail_header
hearing service detail_header

Hearing Services

Opus 2 Hearing Services is trusted by law firms around the world to help plan and deliver connected electronic hearings, including for nine of The Lawyer's top 20 cases of 2021. 

Opus 2 Hearing Services provide all the support your team needs to deliver successful proceedings. We act as a neutral third party and offer a fully managed solution for all hearings of any size or type.
Whether you need to transform a courtroom or arbitration venue for an upcoming hearing or you are looking to redesign a permanent venue, our highly experienced team can help deliver your project, on time and to the highest standards.
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What we offer

Our Hearing Services team will work closely with you to deliver seamless dispute resolution proceedings. Whether your firm needs help with Electronic presentation of evidence (EPE), virtual hearing management, or support with technical delivery, our dedicated team have an industry-leading reputation across the full range of hearing services. We work with the very best court reporters across the globe, who provide Realtime Transcription, so your team can collaborate on events as they happen.
Case management
You'll be supported by a dedicated Case Manager who'll ensure all your hearing requirements are met throughout the lifecycle of a hearing.
Hearing room design
We apply our extensive knowledge of transforming hearing rooms globally in order to follow best practice and to achieve the highest standards of design.
Virtual hearing management
Your dedicated Virtual Hearing Manager will work with you every step of the way, from testing and training before the hearing to delivering a fully managed virtual hearing.
Transcription services
We work only with the most experienced court reporters in the world and are dedicated to ensuring you receive the highest quality and accurate record of proceedings on time, always.
Electronic presentation of evidence (EPE)
You will be supported by an experienced EPE officer throughout your hearing who'll ensure your proceedings run smoothly and without interruptions or delays.

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Other services

Solution Services

Opus 2 Solution Services help build your connected digital practice by tailoring our solutions to your practice. The team works closely with you to understand how you and your team work, the processes you follow as well as your clients’ needs.
Solution services

Platform Support

Opus 2 Platform Support is dedicated to ensuring that you can continue to realise the value of your tailored solution without issues or interruptions. The team of support specialists is available 24/7.
Platform support
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