Collaboration for professionals.

Opus 2 International develops collaborative analysis software for use by litigation and legal professionals. Delivering sophisticated services for dispute resolution hearings around the world. Our London headquarters has become the de facto provider of quality services to the UK Courts, and our regional offices support high stakes commercial matters in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and the United States. Founded in 2008, the company has become well known for its best in class software and providing truly functional electronic hearing rooms as a service.


With a reputable and proven track record of introducing evolutionary technology, Opus 2 continue to be market leaders in the legal technology landscape.

Artificial intelligence and intelligent automation augment the invaluable insight of legal professional end-users worldwide, harnessing the power of collaborative solutions across all legal practice areas.

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Founded in 2008 by Graham Smith-Bernal, the founder of Smith Bernal International and the original creator of the legal market's groundbreaking LiveNote software. Having sold his namesake venture, Smith Bernal International, to WordWave (now Merrill Corporation) in 1998, Mr. Smith-Bernal focused on developing LiveNote software and helping it to become the most widely-used litigation support software of any kind prior to selling the company to Thomson Reuters in 2006.

Following a brief retirement to his estate in Umbria, Italy, Graham returned to the market to conceive his second great work, Opus 2, which has garnered worldwide media coverage for its unique approach to litigation software and services for legal professionals.


Graham Smith-Bernal

Founder & CEO

Graham Smith-Bernal is a visionary entrepreneur with an unwavering commitment to quality service and creativity. Having started his career as a court reporter in the UK, Graham quickly identified an opportunity to add unprecedented value to the lawyers who were receiving his transcripts: a highly accurate real-time transcription and an easy means by which to mark, annotate and digest it. Consequently, Graham founded his first consultancy (Smith Bernal International) and created the LiveNote software. Smith Bernal International went on to become the world's largest international court reporting company and LiveNote became the most widely used litigation support software, prior to Smith-Bernal selling LiveNote to Thomson Reuters in 2006.

Executive Team

Martin Bangs

Chief Financial Officer

Steve Fleming

Chief Technology Officer

Charlie Harrel

Chief Operating Officer

Oliver McClintock

Chief Commercial Officer

Senior Management

Robert Cannon

Chief Architect

Fred Howell

Chief Server Architect

Taryn Auchecorne

Business Development Director

John Murphy

Head of Finance

Anne Perkins

Head of Digital Transcription

Liza Pestillos-Ocat

Head of US Operations


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