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Rely on our expert team to deliver superior hearings, solutions, and support services that transform your practice. Since our founding in 2008, Opus 2 has helped the world’s leading law firms and legal professionals to modernise their approach to litigation, arbitration, and other disputes.

Hearing services

Services are a vital component of Opus 2 Hearings, our award-winning dispute resolution solution. We provide all the technology and support needed to deliver successful in-person, virtual, or hybrid proceedings based on your unique requirements.


Whether you want to transform a courtroom or arbitration venue for a hearing or are looking to redesign a permanent venue, we can:

  • Act as a neutral third party and offer a fully managed solution for all hearings of any size or type.
  • Plan, manage, and deliver your chosen type of hearing, supported by a dedicated hearings solution team.
  • Design and deliver connected hearing rooms, hubs, and remote participation anywhere in the world.
  • Provide a world-class hearings delivery team that can support you locally, including highly experienced:
    • Court reporters
    • Electronic presentation of evidence (EPE) operators
    • Interpreters
Company / Services

Services we offer

Led by a team with an industry-leading reputation, we can provide the following tailored services that ensure your legal proceeding is conducted to the highest standard:

Case management

Receive support from an assigned case manager who’ll ensure all your requirements are met throughout the lifecycle of a hearing.

Hearing room design

Lean on our extensive knowledge of transforming hearing rooms worldwide to follow best practices and achieve an optimal design.

Virtual hearing management

Work with a dedicated virtual hearing manager at every step, from testing and training to delivering a fully managed virtual hearing.


Receive the highest quality and most accurate record of proceedings, using the most experienced court reporters in the world.


Get support throughout your hearing from an experienced electronic presentation of evidence officer who ensures it runs smoothly.


Ensure proceedings in multiple languages are clear and accessible to all with our highly experienced, world-class interpreters.

Opus 2 careers

Solution services

We understand your legal practice has a unique approach—it’s the reason we design our solutions to be highly flexible and adaptable. We also want your team to make the most out of them. With a combination of deep technical knowledge and experience working on a range of legal matters, our solution services team will:

  • Work closely with you to get a deep understanding of your practice and clients’ needs.
  • Design and implement a tailored solution that reflects your specific requirements.
  • Enable you to deliver highly differentiated services that enhance your clients’ experience.

Services we offer

Our solution services team offers incredible value, customising our offerings to meet the specific requirements of your law firm and legal teams. With deep experience supporting a wide range of matters and projects across all stages of their lifecycle, we work closely with you to build a connected, digital practise through consulting, training, and operational assistance.


Engage our consultants to apply solutions that improve your familiar workflows and perfectly align with your requirements.


Increase adoption and success with extensive training options that help new and existing users before and after deployment.


Receive ongoing operational support to tackle big projects and ensure you’re maximising the value of your Opus 2 solution.

Opus 2

Platform support

Opus 2

Earning a 99 percent client satisfaction score last year, we’re dedicated to helping you realise the value of your tailored Opus 2 solution. After deployment, our best-in-class platform support team resolves issues quickly without interruptions to your operations, working closely with our solution services team to meet your unique requirements. Here are the key platform support services we offer:

  • Technical support – Available 24–7, our team tackles any Opus 2 technical issue your team may run into swiftly and effectively.
  • Self-service help library – Quickly find answers to questions with our comprehensive library of support resources, videos, and articles.
  • Omnichannel assistance – We offer multiple ways to get in touch—phone, email, or online—handling your request quickly and professionally.

What our customers say

“This was my first time using an electronic trial bundle and the experience was made easy by the team at Opus 2.”

Grace Burcher

Shepherd and Wedderburn LLP

“We all worked as one team, to deliver the inquiry in a swift time frame…the Opus 2 team rose to the challenge and were able to accommodate our demands, flex their support and offer solutions.”

Sarah Jones

Eversheds Sutherland

“Services provided by Opus 2 have been entirely essential to carrying on with the work of the Commercial Court.”


High Court of Justice

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