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A secure solution that combines intuitive tools to organize and manage matter-related information

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Find out what’s new with Opus 2 Case Management version 8
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Opus 2 Case Management

Opus 2 Case Management connects litigation and arbitration teams with case materials and all the tools needed to analyze, strategize, and build the strongest case for their clients.

In any legal case, team collaboration and effective preparation are key to developing the strongest case possible and eliminating surprises during trial.

Modern litigation and arbitration teams are dispersed, often with each attorney using multiple disjointed tools and manual processes that result in ineffective case collaboration and increased risk of missing information that could be critical to your case.

Opus 2 Case Management is a cloud-based platform that combines case-related documents, evidence, transcripts, and characters with the tools legal teams need to conduct in-depth analysis and strategize collaboratively and effectively to build the best case for the client.

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Transcripts and designations
Characters and organizations
Chronology and timeline
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Transcripts and designations
Quickly prepare testimony for trial by managing annotations, designations, linked work product, and synced video clips in one collaborative workspace.
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Characters and organizations

Track key details related to the entities in your case and then link to underlying evidence, plan for depositions, and create virtual binders based for entity-related activities.

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Chronology and timeline

Identify and develop facts and events by annotating documents, linking to the source material, and associating with issues, entities, or other metadata unique to your case.

Dedicated case portals and internal dashboards

Create personalized dashboards to track case-related information upon login. Quickly analyze case progress and see activity related to various tasks.

Internal case management

Organize files securely into virtual folders without disrupting shared file organization or creating copies, while allowing access for purposes such as deposition preparation, expert materials, and trial exhibits.

Give clients and other stakeholders an on-demand site where they can view data-driven updates, track case progress, securely exchange information, and more with this premium feature.

Other features

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In-document collaboration

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Documents repository

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Designations and tags

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Hyperlinking and annotations

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Visual analysis

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When our litigators see Opus 2, they quickly appreciate its value and they are eager to begin using it; Opus 2 quickly becomes an essential tool in their case management workflow.
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Transform how your teamsprepare for cases.

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