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Give your firm an edge with best-in-class legal case management software

Develop your most powerful legal arguments and strategies—effortlessly collaborating and communicating on cases from start to finish in one place.

Benefit from analysing and preparing cases in one connected solution

Streamline case workflows

Automate labour-intensive, lower-value tasks, empowering your team to focus on billable work and winning cases.

Differentiate your legal services

Gain an advantage using the industry’s most feature-rich, customisable software to provide superior work product.

Improve client relationships

Leverage our customisable portals to enhance interactions with clients, delivering more value and improving outcomes.


We tailor our solution to meet your specific needs

Designed by legal experts and proven in the largest court hearings worldwide, Opus 2 Cases supports your unique requirements with innovative capabilities fine-tuned to advance your practice area or speciality.






Modern litigation teams are often dispersed, frequently moving between office and remote locations. With Opus 2 Cases for litigation, you can bring stakeholders together in one, cloud-based workspace—litigation support, associates, lawyers, partners, co-counsel, and clients.

Assisted by AI, our solution transforms how you prepare for every case, empowering you to better analyse evidence; uncover connections between people, facts, and events; assemble a case chronology; develop the most compelling case narrative; and much more.

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The flexible, autonomous nature of arbitration cases is why we pioneered technology that has modernised cross-border and domestic proceedings worldwide. Successfully resolving these cases for your clients requires a connected, cloud-based solution that brings everyone together.

With Opus 2 Cases for arbitration, your team, clients, and other stakeholders collaborate and communicate efficiently through all stages of arbitration. You’ll understand the full picture of the case, easily access evidentiary insights, track progress, and build the strongest case possible.

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Adapted to enhance your best practices, Opus 2 Cases for investigations ensures your team has a single, cloud-based hub for conducting more structured, effective investigations. You’ll be more agile, efficient, and connected throughout every investigation’s lifecycle.

From witness interviews to the final investigation report, our software helps you prepare for key stages in your investigation while automating manual, time-consuming tasks that slow your process down.

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We understand how consequential barristers’ work is with substantial pressures, tight deadlines, and heavy workloads. Opus 2 Cases for counsel was developed to lift this burden by harmonising your case portfolio, administrative workflows, and collaboration with other parties.

From centralising case documents and assembling key facts to connecting evidence and creating bundles, our AI-assisted, tailored features keep you focused on the substantive issues—representing clients in court and crafting winning legal arguments.

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Everything you need to build standout cases

Working on cases using different, disconnected tools? Opus 2 Cases offers the best practice—consolidating the right capabilities into a single, complete legal case management solution. Your team will collaborate more effectively and efficiently than ever while staying focused and on track.


Easily manage, annotate, and work with essential case documents and content in one secure, searchable space.

AI analysis

Accelerate case analysis using AI to summarise documents, surface key facts, make data connections, and more.


Mark up key documents with highlights, annotations, links, tags, and more as your team prepares its case strategy.

Collections (e-bundles)

Create and organise paginated electronic bundles easily with accompanying hyperlinked indices, for use at any stage of your case.

Characters and organisations

Organise and track key facts related to the people and legal entities in a case, linking them to underlying evidence.


Identify and develop case events linked to relevant evidence and characters, creating a visual, event-based story of a case.


Provide a dedicated, branded portal to securely share case information with clients and other stakeholders on demand.

Dashboards and analytics

Build dashboards and visualisations to track case progress, manage tasks, review activity, and understand case data.

Transform case analysis
with AI

We’ve integrated AI throughout our standard-setting legal case management solution so you can develop the best possible case for your clients—in one place throughout the lifecycle of the dispute. While building the case, our AI empowers your team to focus only on the most valuable work that requires human intelligence so you can deliver superior case outcomes and distinctive legal services.


What our clients say

“Opus 2 has taken our attorneys to the next level from a collaborative perspective.”


Julie Brown
Director of Practice Technology

Seamlessly integrate with eDiscovery, eDisclosure, and other tools

We lead the way in streamlining how legal teams review and analyse case documents. While enabling you to annotate, link, add metadata, and perform other tasks critical to working smarter, we also ensure you have a single source of truth. Through a range of integration options, including our API, Opus 2 Cases centralises all relevant materials in one customisable repository while maintaining security, data governance, and compliance with related ecosystems.


We improve each step of the case lifecycle

Regardless of what you’re working on, like analysing evidence, preparing witness statements, or bundling relevant documents, our solution empowers your team to work together seamlessly and successfully. Instead of forcing you to do things our way, Opus 2 Cases introduces AI-assisted features that augment your existing, familiar workflows.



From the beginning, we accelerate your review of the volumes of documents that surround a case. So you’re instantly more productive, with the help of AI automation.


Identifying the events, people, themes, and other details buried in case documents is equally as efficient, using your intelligence and AI assistance to pinpoint the right facts.


Our solution helps you connect extracted data—linking people with events, documents with themes, and so on—enabling you to understand key relationships and concepts.


Whether it’s assembling a chronology or creating collections of documents, you’re able to structure case information and data into logical frameworks easily.


When ready, your team has everything it needs to prepare a winning trial presentation or other quality work product in one highly organised, secure workspace.

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