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Founded in London in 2008, we’ve pioneered legal technology solutions trusted by the world’s most successful law firms and legal teams. They rely on our litigation and arbitration offerings time and again, because they help them to maximise the value they deliver.

Two women collaborating over a laptop
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Find out what makes us unique

Used in thousands of proceedings across the globe, our solutions connect legal practitioners with the collaborative software they need to work smarter and more efficiently together. We also deliver the essential technology and expertise required to conduct dispute resolution proceedings in the most modern, seamless, and secure way possible.

And with decades of real-world litigation and arbitration experience, our highly proficient staff and leadership know the challenges your practice faces—and we use that insight to build the most effective solutions on the market.

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Learn about our latest innovation

From new software enhancements and features to client-validated solutions and automations, Opus 2 constantly pushes the boundaries of technology to solve the challenges legal professionals face. And we’re heavily invested in staying ahead of the curve.

For example, we’re at the forefront of leveraging artificial intelligence—but doing it the right way. Our purposeful, thoughtful approach makes lawyers exponentially more efficient and effective as they analyse volumes of case materials.

Benefit from our focus on security

Security is built into everything we do. From a secure development methodology and airtight IT infrastructure to rigorous policies and incident response protocols, protecting your data—and your clients’ data—is at the top of our priority list.

Our solutions provide a secure alternative to disconnected information sharing, process management, and collaboration methods that can introduce unnecessary risk.

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Discover our world-class services

Not only do we design and develop software that’s trusted by leading law firms, we also deliver globally renowned services proven in some of the most high-profile, consequential legal proceedings of the last decade.

You can enlist our expert services to help conduct an upcoming hearing, transcribe recorded witness interviews, streamline your case management workflows, and much more. We also provide standout support for every solution we offer.

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Get access to integrations that matter

Where it makes sense and adds value for our clients, our company is continually exploring integration opportunities. We engage partners like Relativity, SeeUnity, and BAILII while also offering the ability to build custom integrations through our powerful API.

Whether it’s finding new ways to link users, information, and workflows inside our own solutions or working with law firms, software vendors, and legal organisations to integrate with their technologies, we’re always looking to improve how we’re connected.

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