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In collaboration with innovative clients and partners worldwide, we’re continually introducing new ways to drive more value and efficiency from our legal technology solutions.

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Pioneering legal technology

Since 2008, we’ve developed award-winning solutions that have powered thousands of legal projects in law firms across the world. Initially developed to address the needs of litigation and arbitration teams, our technology has been deployed in the most demanding and crucial phase of dispute resolution proceedings—the hearing—in some of the most complex global matters.

Engaging industry expertise

At the heart of our innovative approach is working closely with clients and hiring top legal practitioners to help shape our technology. That’s why our easy-to-use solutions mirror and complement how lawyers work. It’s also the reason leading international law firms trust our practice-critical technology to power many of their highest profile and complex legal projects.

Preparing clients for the future

We’re constantly improving and modernising our technology, developing an industry-leading reputation for looking ahead. Collaborative features seamlessly connect people, information, and processes—supporting the new reality of virtual legal work and proceedings. Because of our flexibility, Opus 2 is used to support broader use cases beyond dispute resolution.

Opus 2

Here’s an inside look at our latest release

At Opus 2 we’re always improving our software and services through regular solution enhancements. Here’s where you can learn more about the top features included in our most recent update.

Adding new levels of efficiency, visibility, and security

In our summer release, we added new enhancements that deliver task management capabilities, integrate with Intapp Walls, provide case dashboards for hearings, and accelerate platform performance.

Stay organised by managing case-related work tasks

Keep your team on track when working in Opus 2 Cases—creating individual and team tasks, monitoring action items, evaluating progress in a dashboard, creating tasks when working on documents, and linking tasks to key information.

Lock down confidential information and ensure conflicts compliance

For firms using Opus 2 Cases and Intapp Walls, a leading provider of of legal confidentiality solutions, our integration ensures you can manage and control access across cases so lawyers cannot gain access to cases when they’re conflicted out.

Simplify access to trial resources, live transcripts, and other resources

When using Opus 2 Hearings, we offer an easy-to-use, secure online hub where involved parties can access what is relevant to them—real-time transcript, EPE with notes and highlights, live video conference, other trial documents, and more.

Opus 2 AI labs

AI Labs delivers promising outcomes

We’ve engaged the world’s most successful legal professionals (our clients) to participate in our artificial intelligence (AI) development process. Named AI Labs, this programme continually gathers client feedback throughout the evolution of our AI technology.

Whether it’s the rigorous examination in the AI Labs environment, a continual feedback loop from clients, or an expert-driven development process, our approach to putting AI into practice is designed to maximise the value, quality, and impact of our solutions.

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