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Conduct your next hearing with the industry’s most trusted solution.

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We specialise in streamlining dispute resolution proceedings—with an award-winning, integrated approach to hearings that’s the proven choice of top legal teams.

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Benefit from managing proceedings in one connected solution

Leverage our expertise

Employ the industry-leading software and services solution that has modernised thousands of proceedings worldwide.

Drive efficiency and savings

Make everyone more productive by replacing costly tools and manual tasks with our intuitive, integrated technology.

Provide a superior experience

Lean on a single team dedicated to your case, as they manage your technology and services needs from start to finish.


We customise our solution to support your distinct requirements

Because proceedings are unique, Opus 2 Hearings provides a highly flexible solution that we perfectly tailor to meet the specificities of your case.


International arbitration

Public inquiries and inquests


From the first case management conference (CMC) to judgment, our world-class services team expertly manages a neutral, multiparty solution for commercial dispute resolution proceedings—providing a seamless path from trial preparation to hearing for all parties involved, including the judge.

With our integrated software and vast experience delivering thousands of hearings (even in difficult-to-service locations), we remove the complexities and obstacles of traditional proceedings. Because we handle all technology and staffing, everyone else can focus on evidence and facts.

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International arbitration

International arbitration can be challenging to manage without the right technology and team underpinning the process. That’s the reason thousands of arbitrations have been conducted using Opus 2.

The most efficient and effective solution available, Opus 2 Hearings for international arbitration connects dispersed teams, clients, and stakeholders seamlessly in one secure, cloud-based solution—regardless of location. The result? Greater cost savings, stronger client service, and greener proceedings.

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Public inquiries and inquests

As with other major investigations, public inquiries and inquests can involve an extended timeline, large volume of evidence, and scores of participants, lawyers, panel members, and witnesses. They’re also expensive and highly scrutinised. That’s why we were asked to manage some of the decade’s highest-profile public hearings.

Opus 2 Hearings brings all key stakeholders, documents, and processes together in one seamless, connected digital space. From the moment an inquiry is convened until the findings or recommendations are handed down, our solution delivers cost savings, greater efficiencies, and a positive environmental impact.

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Solutions / Hearings

Our technology gives you a world of options

Commercial disputes and international arbitration cases present a host of geographic challenges—barriers that Opus 2 eliminates by offering in-person, virtual, and hybrid hearings. Our solution’s flexibility enables you to switch from one type to another during your proceedings. Wherever you’re located around the globe, we can serve your needs.


When all participants need to attend a hearing at the same venue, our team transforms any courtroom or venue into a fully connected, electronic hearing room—complete with court reporters.


If all participants plan to join remotely (from anywhere in the world), our secure solution provides video conferencing, shared electronic bundle, real-time transcription, and evidence presentation.


When groups of hearing participants plan to join from different physical locations, such as a hearing room, office, or other hub, we ensure everyone has a seamless and intuitive experience.


Everything you need to deliver a frictionless hearing

In addition to our standout services team, the most successful law firms depend on Opus 2 Hearings time and again because of our solution’s features. We provide the only truly integrated offering that combines shared electronic bundles, real-time transcripts, electronic presentation of evidence (EPE)—and much more.

Shared electronic bundles

Enable all key documents and materials to be uploaded into a secure platform that can be accessed from anywhere.

Real-time transcription

Follow, annotate, and link to live transcripts during a hearing and access daily transcripts with synchronised audio.

Electronic presentation of evidence (EPE)

Automatically follow live evidence being presented from your private workspace and access notes and annotations.


Work together effortlessly throughout the case as you use powerful analysis, communication, and visualisation tools.

Advanced search

Use advanced search and filtering functionality to locate specific content quickly and easily in your workspace.

Notes and annotations

Annotate documents, share comments with your team instantly, and consolidate all notes and strategies together.

Tagging and hyperlinking

Quickly organise and instantly access related documents or exhibits using links and tags created within the bundle.


Assemble a chronological timeline of facts, enabling you to analyse a visual, event-based view of your matter.


Build a comprehensive database of people and witnesses, linking key facts and documents to relevant characters.

BAILII integration

Connect seamlessly with this extensive source of case law and legal materials with more than a million searchable documents.


What our clients say

“We all worked as one team, to deliver the inquiry in a swift time frame…the Opus 2 team rose to the challenge and were able to accommodate our demands, flex their support and offer solutions.”

Sarah Jones

Eversheds Sutherland

“Not only were the clients impressed, but it made our preparation and the trial process so much easier (letting us focus on substantive pieces of work)!”

Khadija Khan

Legal Analyst, Stephenson Harwood LLP

Discover the Opus 2 difference

We are dedicated legal technology experts who understand the rigours, demands, and nuances of legal practice. Here are a few reasons why clients choose us.

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Unparallelled expertise

We are pioneers of technology in dispute resolution hearings—serving thousands of proceedings globally, providing solutions to the world’s most successful law firms, and partnering with the industry’s leading organisations.

Opus 2 hearings

Expert, best-in-class teams

We work only with the best court reporters in the industry. Our dedicated in-house technical and hearing delivery teams have years of experience in setting up connected hearing rooms and supporting remote access to proceedings.

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Intuitive cloud software

Developed in close partnership with lawyers worldwide, our software reflects and complements how lawyers work already. Packed with innovative features, your team can collaborate and communicate on a case from anywhere.

ISO/IEC/27001:2022 opus 2

Trustworthy and secure

We’re a certified ISO/IEC:27001 organisation, committed to the security of your data. Every top 50 international law firm and many of the largest companies in the world trust us to store and manage their information.


We transform every phase of your proceedings

Regardless of requirements and complexities, we offer a flexible approach and always tailor our offering to meet the needs of each hearing—whether they’re in-person, virtual, or hybrid. Throughout the process, we act as a neutral, third party offering a fully managed solution to deliver hassle-free proceedings.



We import documents and materials, create a shared electronic bundle, and set up private workspaces for each party, as you invite your team and clients to collaborate securely.


Securely collaborate and develop your case strategy in your private workspace, leveraging rich analysis capabilities while we gather requirements to ensure every need is met.


If your proceeding requires a hearing room—for public inquiries or other in-person hearings, our team runs testing and dry run sessions to ensure everything is in perfect order.


Our experienced services team delivers real-time transcription and EPE along with any other hearing services in an integrated, seamless manner, as per your unique requirements.


When the hearing concludes, the judge/tribunal can access the documents and notes from their private workspace along with the linked transcript to draft the judgment/award.

Opus 2 careers

Our services make a world of difference

Though we offer the most innovative software available for hearings, our people play an equally critical role in delivering successful proceedings—thousands of them worldwide since 2008. When you select Opus 2 Hearings as your solution of choice, you’ll always work with a highly skilled, dedicated team of case and solution experts plus experienced, best-in-class court reporters and EPE operators.

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