Opus 2 unveils new website and refreshed visual identity to enhance client experience 

Opus 2 News

LONDON, 29 April 2024 – Opus 2, leading legal software and services provider, today announced the launch of its new website and refreshed brand identity. Designed to offer a unified experience, improve access to information, and drive engagement, the updates reflect the company’s ongoing focus on delivering client-centric solutions. 

With over 15 years of experience developing award-winning solutions for leading legal teams worldwide with transformative solutions, the optimised website architecture provides a scalable foundation for continued global growth. 

Key elements of the website and brand refresh:

Streamlined solution naming: Opus 2 has restructured its solution naming convention to ensure clarity and consistency for a global audience, facilitating easier navigation and understanding for all users. 

Enhanced user experience: Built on a new architecture, the website provides an experience that is more responsive, intuitive, and engaging as visitors explore Opus 2 solutions. 

Improved access to expertise: The redesigned website enables quick access to a wealth of resources, including blogs, guides, case studies, and upcoming events, empowering legal teams with the expertise and information they need to excel. 

Elevated visual identity: Opus 2’s refreshed visual identity features an expanded color palette, contemporary image styles, and simplified icons, creating a fresh yet familiar look that resonates with both existing clients and new audiences. 

“The Opus 2 website is one of the most important and impactful assets we have in the client lifecycle. It creates a first impression, conveys the value we offer, and empowers clients with expert insights and advice,” said Beau Wysong, senior vice president, global marketing at Opus 2. “Our new website and refreshed visual identity represent an evolution of the Opus 2 brand and the start of the next exciting chapter in our story.”

About Opus 2

For more than 15 years, Opus 2 has developed award-winning solutions trusted by the most successful law firms. Used in thousands of proceedings around the world, Opus 2 transforms how lawyers and other legal professionals work by eliminating inefficiencies and connecting them with the collaborative software they need to work smarter and more effectively together. The company also delivers the essential technology and expertise needed to conduct resolution proceedings in the most modern, seamless, and secure way possible.