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A secure solution that combines intuitive tools to organize and manage matter-related information

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Opus 2 Transaction Management

Opus 2 Transaction Management connects deal teams to an integrated, collaborative workspace that gives them purpose-built tools to work consistently and seamlessly across all aspects of the M&A process.

Give your corporate M&A practice a competitive edge while reducing write offs and improving client experience.

Opus 2 Transaction Management is a cloud-based platform that streamlines and enhances M&A transactions for corporate lawyers. Our platform does more than just host documents, checklists, issue lists, and information requests, it creates a single source of truth for team members and stakeholders, linking deal information that eliminates time wasted by jumping across multiple systems.

Other features

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Buy-side and sell-side templates

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Task management

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Firm-specific customizations

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Capture best practices

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Comprehensive analytics

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