Worldwide Litigation & Transcription Services

Opus 2 International is the only worldwide legal services company blending its own state-of-the-art trial technology with service excellence to modernise how evidence is managed during high-stakes matters across the globe - including litigation, arbitrations and government inquiries.

Based in London and with offices around the globe, Opus 2 is "the second great work" from the original creator of realtime transcription software. Today, Opus 2 enables simple yet sophisticated electronic trials for cases of any size.


Business Insider Interviews
Opus 2 CEO

Meet Graham Smith Bernal, the British inventor who transformed the legal industry with a couple of pieces of software.

Paper Bundles in Litigation

The Lawyer Research Service conducted a survey of over 200 legal practitioners to identify exactly how much time and money is spent on paper trial bundles.

Client Testimonials

Find out what 40 Opus 2 clients have to say about their use of Opus 2 technology and their experiences working with our professionals.

Arbitration - The Technology Advantage

ALB magazine explores how modern technology has become one solution to delivering seamless and efficient legal services, and has started to play a bigger role in the dispute resolution process.

Digital Bundle Software

This 4-minute video introduces the ground-breaking Opus 2 Magnum service for digital bundles and trials and offers a preview of its key capabilities.

Yellow Pages Paperless Trial

The parties in the Global Yellow Pages Limited vs Promedia Pte Ltd trial in the Singapore Supreme Court successfully conducted a paperless hearing using Opus 2 Magnum.