The In-House Lawyer: Revolutionising dispute resolution


Technology is at the heart of the legal sector’s current, well-publicised drive for innovation. With the demands placed on in-house legal teams increasing, and legal budgets trending downwards, the pressure on outside counsel to provide genuine value to their corporate clients has never been greater. GCs are rightly challenging firms in pitches, panel reviews and on an ongoing basis to demonstrate how they will provide that value. While in the past firms might have been able to pay lip-service to innovation, today, demonstrating efficiency through smarter ways of working and optimising resources is critical in winning and retaining clients, while also allowing firms to maintain profitability.

Many of those with top-tier dispute resolution practices are turning to Opus 2’s award-winning Magnum platform to achieve this drive to efficiency and provide their clients with greater value-add through the course of a dispute.

Over the last seven years, Magnum has been used on hundreds of cases worldwide, by 96% of the top 50 international firms and by more than 8,000 legal practitioners, quickly cementing its position as the leading tool for case management, case strategy and paperless proceedings. Not only does the Magnum system streamline the dispute process from inception to conclusion, it facilitates greater oversight, strategic collaboration and effective case management for the key decision makers involved in the dispute, from solicitors, counsel and experts, to the end client.

How does Opus 2 work and how can it help clients?

Released in 2011 by Graham Smith-Bernal, the entrepreneur who created LiveNote® and helped it to become the most widely-used litigation support software in the world, Magnum is a cloud-based platform that is available on a case-by-case or enterprise basis.

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