An inside look at Opus 2’s refreshed brand identity and new website experience

Beau Wysong
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For more than 15 years, Opus 2 has delivered transformative solutions that empower leading legal teams worldwide. And now we’re excited to unveil a new website with a refreshed visual identity that embodies our ongoing commitment to delivering value to you, our clients, in all we do. 

Here you’ll get an inside look at the updates we’ve made and why. To start, we’ll share some of the background and history of Opus 2 as well as our vision for the future. Then, we’ll offer an overview of the changes you’ll notice as you explore  

Ultimately, our goal is to deliver an enhanced website and brand experience that better serves our clients and busy legal professionals, improving access to the information and solutions they need. 

Building on the Opus 2 brand: How we got here and where we’re going

Our history

For more than 15 years, Opus 2 has been a leader in legal technology, delivering best-in-class legal services and software to the world’s leading law firms. Founded in London in 2008, the company set out to drive digital transformation within the disputes process.

Opus 2 developed and launched a platform and legal services team that empowers law firms to prepare for and conduct court hearings more collaboratively, efficiently, and effectively. The benefits to legal teams, their clients, and the courts were immediately clear. Opus 2 quickly gained a reputation for our expertise, reliability, and innovative approach.

Since then, Opus 2 has grown tremendously, both in the size of our company, the number of law firms we serve, and the solutions we deliver to meet our clients’ needs. Our offerings now include award-winning solutions designed for litigation and arbitration teams, arbitral institutions, barristers’ chambers, and more. 

Our software and solutions are trusted by the world’s leading law firms and legal teams including the top 50 international firms and 88 of the Am Law 100. And, our platform has been used to prepare for, manage, and facilitate some of the most complex and consequential legal hearings and cases in modern history. But we’re not done yet. 

Our values and mission

From the beginning, our team has centered itself around five core values. Each has played a significant role in our company culture and success. They are: 

  • People make Opus 2 
  • Make things happen 
  • Be open-minded and adapt 
  • Raise the bar 
  • Earn trust and respect 

These principles are essential to Opus 2 and they guide our day-to-day operations. As we grow and strategize for the future, our team continues to embody our values while pursuing our mission: to design, develop, and deliver industry-leading solutions that transform the litigation and arbitration lifecycle—empowering legal professionals to maximize the value they deliver to clients. 

Our future

Our vision is to be the global standard for legal software and services. In the coming years, we plan to accelerate growth and innovation while introducing the Opus 2 platform to even more leading law firms around the world, helping them work smarter and more efficiently. The updates we’ve made to our visual identity, solution names, and website experience will build a strong foundation that helps us adapt quickly to meet client needs and achieve our long-term goals. 

Delivering an enhanced client experience

On the new website, you’ll notice several enhancements designed to deliver a better experience, ensure consistency, and streamline site navigation. 

One of the goals of our brand refresh was to deliver a unified experience for our growing global client base. The new approach offers a single, global website that delivers a regionalized experience for each user. 

As you navigate the Opus 2 website, you’ll notice that we’ve restructured our solution naming convention to streamline our offerings, but rest assured, the software and services you rely on remain the same. In making these adjustments, we ensure each solution name resonates in all regions while also clearly and quickly communicating their purpose and value. 

Transform your approach to case management, analysis, preparation, and collaboration with our industry-leading, AI-enhanced solution.

On this page, you can request a demo to see our leading case management solution in action.

Prepare for and conduct seamless in-person, virtual, or hybrid dispute resolution proceedings using the most widely used solution in the world. 

This is where you can request a quote from our hearings team.

Employ the most experienced solution for real-time legal transcriptions, daily transcripts, or transcripts from recordings. 

Explore our world-class transcription services on this page.

Chambers (LEX) | Chambers (VERDICT) in Australia 
Streamline billing, marketing, scheduling, and other core processes with the world’s most popular chambers management solution. 

Learn everything you need to know about Chambers here.

Improving access to expertise

With the new navigation and design of the website, you’ll have quick access to a wealth of valuable knowledge, advice, and insight. 

Opus 2 solutions resonate with law firms and legal organizations because they are tailored to solve the real-world challenges legal professionals must navigate every day in their work. Instead of requiring new processes to effectively use the technology you’ve invested in, Opus 2 complements existing workflows with features and functionality that feel intuitive to the way law is practiced.  

We have a deep understanding of how technology can enhance legal processes because our team is full of experienced former lawyers, litigation and arbitration professionals, paralegals, legal educators, hearings services experts, and legal technology veterans. In addition, we stay closely aligned with our clients by proactively seeking continuous input and feedback. 

You can now tap into the experience of the Opus 2 team by visiting our Resources where you’ll find: 

  • Library: Blogs, infographics, guides, webinars, and research 
  • Clients: Case studies, quotes, and interviews 
  • Events: Upcoming global events where you can meet with us 
  • News: Press releases, announcements, and articles 

Enhancing our visual identity

The last element of our brand refresh is perhaps the most noticeable, an evolved visual identity that brings the Opus 2 brand to life. Our objective was to create an identity that felt fresh but familiar to long-time clients. The new Opus 2 look includes an expanded color palette, contemporary image and icon styles, and the incorporation of subtle design details that update, elevate and enhance the brand. 


Our new palette still includes our signature colors but adds fresh, bold colors that work together and complement one another. In addition, the new colors can be used to create higher contrast images and layouts that improve accessibility. 

Images and icons 

Throughout the site, new Opus 2 brand images and icons deliver our message and increase engagement. Images feature a layered style that includes user images, product screenshots, and pops of color that work together to draw the eye. We’ve also simplified our icons, using them to convey ideas quickly and clearly. 

Opus 2 User Image with Screenshot

Design details 

We further elevated the website experience by incorporating subtle design elements that support a cohesive look and feel. As you navigate from one page to the next you can find background patterns that give pages more dimension, shifting gradient colors that create movement, and interactive sections that make page navigation more intuitive. 

Rooted in our ongoing commitment to innovation, efficiency, and client-centricity, our brand refresh symbolizes a pivotal moment as we evolve to better serve you, our valued clients, in the modern legal landscape. To learn more about the brand refresh, read the press release and explore the website here: 

Learn how Opus 2 transforms your legal service delivery and improves client satisfaction