Upgrading their data security approach

Opus 2

Leading London set, Selborne Chambers (supported by Instant On IT), were the first to implement an advanced Opus 2 Chambers (Verdict) security enhancement; known as LEX Log-In with Microsoft 365.

LEX Log-In with Microsoft 365 allows users to enter their Microsoft 365 log-in credentials to access all their Opus 2 Chambers (Verdict) data. This enables major improvements in the following areas.


Microsoft 365 log-on security becomes the trusted “front door” to Opus 2 Chambers (Verdict), including multifactor authentication. Placing Opus 2 Chambers (Verdict) behind this architecture helps to reduce threats to Selborne Chambers’ data significantly.

Modern desktop

This balances security with the convenience of remote working on any device without the cost of Citrix or VPNs. For Selborne Chambers, Instant On IT’s Modern Desktop solution enhances the security applied by Microsoft 365 by overlaying Azure Conditional Access to ensure data is safely encrypted and access is tightly controlled when using Opus 2 Chambers (Verdict) and Office 365 from your PC, Mac, phone or tablet.


By leveraging the Microsoft 365 log-in, users only need one chambers password to access all day-to-day systems. It also brings time-saving features such as Face ID log-in to Opus 2 Chambers (Verdict) for mobile.

Microsoft 365 integration potential

This new feature demonstrates a commitment to embed Opus 2 Chambers (Verdict) deep within the Microsoft 365 ecosystem and provides exciting opportunities to link with other Microsoft products. At Selborne Chambers, this is all backed by Instant On IT’s expertise in cloud security and exceptional customer service.

Selborne Chambers comments

“The addition of Microsoft’s security to client data held in Opus 2 Chambers (Verdict) is a great advance further strengthening Selborne’s cloud services to its members and clients. It has operated faultlessly.”

Hugh Jackson, Barrister

“A smooth process, seamless integration, and it’s easy to use.”

Oliver Ventura, First Junior Clerk

Instant On IT comments

“The cloud-first approach has unlocked powerful new capabilities in Opus 2 Chambers (Verdict). Integrating with this future-proofed tech aligns perfectly with Instant On IT’s modern workplace vision.”

Matthew Short, Technical Lead

Opus 2 Chambers (Verdict) comments

“We’re delighted to have worked with Instant On IT to successfully implement LEX Log-In with Microsoft 365 at Selborne Chambers. This feature opens up potential for unparalleled levels of data security and connectivity to Opus 2 Chambers (Verdict) users, and we look forward to offering it to all our mutual clients in the future.”

Damien Breingan, Product Development Manager

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