Electronic hearings for arbitration

A seamless path from preparation to hearing

Host and manage documents and transcripts, compile chronologies and prepare for hearings with Opus 2. Perfectly suited to international arbitration where parties, representatives and members of the tribunal may be based in different countries with hearings taking place across the world.


A fully managed service

Each case is assigned a dedicated project manager and a case manager with expert knowledge of legal proceedings to provide advice, guidance and support.

Our project manager will help guide the parties through all aspects of the setup and ongoing management of the electronic bundle, including the import and any updates. 

The case manager will ensure the hearing room is set up to meet all requirements to the highest standards and that hearings proceed smoothly.


Import key documents

Import a clean, master set of relevant documents using our managed service, ensuring the metadata, structure and pagination is preserved and remains consistent with how lawyers want to work. Documents can also be imported directly from your disclosure platform.

If you have already used Opus 2 for your case analysis and preparation, your key documents will be seamlessly imported. All your analysis, links and markups will be automatically added to your private workspace.

If you need assistance with case analysis and preparation find out how you can connect your case and team members anytime, from anywhere, with your virtual workspace powered by Opus 2.

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Our secure, cloud-based solution brings together all your key documents, analysis and discussions on a single platform.


Privately connect case teams

Set up private workspaces for each case team and the tribunal—the system is robust and scalable to handle any number of different parties so is suitable for large or small cases.

All analysis, notes, collaboration and private documents are stored within individual workspaces. This allows all parties to work on the same central version of the shared key documents but keeps parties’ own work product and materials private to their workspace and any permitted users within that workspace.


Collaborate securely

Build your case quickly by allowing instant, real-time and concurrent interaction between all members of your case team.

Build a centralised chronology and tag content — for example by issue, theme or witness — and create strategic hyperlinks between conflicting or complementary documents.

The system automatically sorts the tagged content into folders, making finding and organising information much simpler.


Manage bundles without friction

Quickly prepare cross-examination and other custom bundles. This will save time and avoid the hassle that is often associated with collating documents urgently, including updating numerous, expensive hard copy sets or USB drives with time-consuming inserts.

All materials are stored centrally. When updates to the bundle are required, changes are automatically reflected across all workspaces. This is all made easy by the Opus 2 managed service which takes the hassle out of managing shared bundles.


Real time collaboration during hearings

Follow proceedings through the Electronic Presentation of Evidence (EPE) and Realtime Transcription, making the hearing room a connected environment.

Even team members that are outside the hearing room can follow proceedings by logging into your private workspace remotely and watching the live transcript and evidence being presented as the trial unfolds. 

Learn more about Realtime Transcription


Ensure continuity

Your work product is securely stored, accessible and searchable. Your legal team can access it from anywhere and at any time using an internet-enabled device with their security credentials.

At the end of each day, the audio from the hearing is uploaded and synchronised to the final transcript, giving users a complete record of the proceedings. If there is another phase in proceedings, the bundle and all previous case materials and work product are available immediately.

Key benefits

Increased hearing efficiency

Transform your hearing room into a connected environment with EPE and Realtime Transcription. Remove manual overheads associated with following and presenting hard copy bundles and evidence.

Up to ten-fold reduction in cost

Remove the cost and overheads of printing and managing hard-copy bundles.

Fully managed service for peace of mind

Our dedicated project managers and case managers with expert knowledge of proceedings and our best-in-class service team will ensure even the most complex hearings are delivered smoothly.

Real time collaboration and remote access

When a hearing moves from one location to another, you and your entire legal team remain connected at all times.


“Our collaboration with Opus 2 is a good example of our commitment to continuously upgrade the services available at Maxwell Chambers. In addition to offering preferred transcription services, Opus 2 also delivers its internationally acclaimed platform to the parties and arbitral panels engaged in hearings at Maxwell Chambers. Opus 2 has already been used on a number of large international arbitrations this year and we look forward to continuing to offer this blend of innovative technology and quality service to our clients in Asia.”

Katherine Yap Chief Executive, Maxwell Chambers

“A big thanks again for the fantastic service and assistance – not only were the clients impressed but it made our preparation and the trial process so much easier (letting us focus on substantive pieces of work)!”

Khadija Khan Legal Analyst, Stephenson Harwood LLP

“I think [the Opus 2 platform] increases productivity by about 25%”

High Court Judge Technology & Construction Court, 2020

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