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Opus 2 Investigations

Modern investigations teams are bringing their whole team, clients and third parties together in a single, secure space to work in a more connected manner through every stage of an investigation to unlock greater efficiency and flexibility.
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Transform your investigations practice with Opus 2 Investigations to provide a more flexible and connected way of working for your team and clients. Our secure cloud-based solution enables you to automate manual time-consuming tasks, while providing intuitive collaboration features that allow the investigation work to be conducted effectively and deal with issues and risks appropriately.
Eliminate the pains associated with the use of multiple disjointed tools and work towards providing clients with the best possible outcomes, seamlessly with Opus 2 Investigations.
“This innovative technology is a game-changer for investigations work, revolutionising traditional legal processes towards a far more seamless way of working. We’re looking forward to maximising its potential and the benefits it offers for our clients – from considerable time-savings to closer collaboration at every step during an investigation."
“The smart, automated processes the solution offers will also give our junior lawyers the capacity to gain greater exposure to the higher-level, strategic aspects of their matters. Ultimately, the tech will make the delivery of tasks and decision-making easier for both our clients and our lawyers.”
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Locate content across all materials, including documents, notes, witnesses and events, swiftly and easily with the use of advanced search and powerful filtering functionality.

Targeted searches through the whole content allow the user to instantly locate important information and to view connected data together and makes navigating through data even easier.

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Create a comprehensive timeline of the incidents relevant to an investigation, including links to all the underlying evidence and witnesses involved, with Events. Instant visualisations can be formed, including all the key events and the witnesses involved, all displayed in a chronological timeline for granular point-by-point analysis and witness interview preparation.

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Witnesses provides a central repository of the witnesses relevant to an investigation with quick access to key details and facts. This centralised repository can be accessed by the entire case team, reducing knowledge gaps and enabling teams to work more efficiently. Specific witnesses can be linked to relevant documents and events and notes made can be previewed, together with all the underlying evidence.

The Witnesses functionality offers an interactive environment where meaningful connections can be created and revisited. Create witness-specific visualisations to analyse data with greater flexibility. Witnesses provides the user with enhanced witness management capability, enabling more efficient time management and planning.

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Interview questions

Interview questions provides an interactive environment for the preparation and collation of interview questions relevant to the investigation witnesses. Questions are connected to events, notes, documents and other materials. Create, review and finalise questions and collaborate seamlessly with the investigation team. Avoid duplication of work, by having all the key details in one place to revisit throughout the investigation at various stages. Using powerful filtering and tagging tools quickly locate the required material for the task at hand without wasting valuable time.

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Tailored portals

Create numbered witness bundles with our Collections and share them with witnesses for interviews in seconds via customisable portals. Fascilitate in-person and remote witness interviews with user-friendly portals accessed safely by witnesses anywhere in the world.

Other features:


(including bundle creation)


Autolink documents


In-document annotation and collaboration


Project analysis dashboards


Client and witness portals


Centralised hosting


Management of documents


Paperless platform


Highly secure cloud-based solution


Highly secure ISO-accreditation

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