Public inquiries and inquests, powered by Opus 2

Modern public inquiries and inquests increasingly rely on technology that is accessible, user-friendly and transparent to run smoothly and efficiently. In the past decade, we have facilitated many of the highest-profile public inquiries and inquests, including the Grenfell Tower Inquiry and the Manchester Arena Inquiry. Our single connected platform provides an intuitive and seamless experience for all stakeholders including the Chair or Coroner, panel, inquiry or inquest teams and core participants throughout the lifecycle of proceedings.

Proven technology and experience

Our secure cloud-based platform has facilitated thousands of proceedings globally and our services team are the best and most experienced in the world.
We have also facilitated many of the highest profile public inquiries and inquests including:

Hillsborough Inquests

March 2014

Fatal Accident Inquiry of J Sweeney & Ors

July 2015

Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry

May 2017

London Bridge Inquests

May 2019

Grenfell Tower Inquiry Phase 2

January 2020

Manchester Arena Inquiry

September 2020

Fishmongers' Hall Inquests

April 2021

Independent Jersey Care Inquiry

July 2014

Tunisia Inquests

January 2017

Clutha Inquiry

April 2019

Westminister Bridge Inquests

May 2019

Sumburgh Fatal Accident Inquiry

August 2020

Undercover Policing Inquiry

November 2020

Tailored solutions for the entire lifecycle of the public inquiry or inquest

Collaborative preparation with virtual workspaces

Our secure cloud-based solution enables teams to work collaboratively to prepare for the hearing.

The Opus 2 platform enables inquiry or inquest teams to:

  • Collaborate with team members and counsel across one common set of documents
  • Review, annotate, tag and hyperlink documents or exhibits
  • Build a comprehensive database of key characters
  • Link information and documents to relevant characters for enhanced witness management capability
  • Assemble chronological timelines of facts in order to view and analyse the matter holistically
  • Redact sensitive or personal information in documents
  • Instantly search and retrieve information with powerful search functionality
  • Create, organise, group and export bundles and documents
  • Share selected documentation with core participants


"The ease of use and advanced functionality of Opus 2 was crucial in helping all parties, the Judge, lawyers and lay clients alike, to locate and access a huge body of material with confidence... "

Siân Jones, Partner, BDB Pitmans, Solicitors to the Tunisia Inquests and Westminster Bridge Inquests


"The Realtime transcript and evidence display is all hosted on the same platform, generating great efficiencies and ultimately saving time and money."

Frances Oldham QC, Chair of the Independent Jersey Care Inquiry

Seamless experience with Opus 2 Hearings

When the inquiry or inquest is ready to sit, you will continue operating within the same connected platform. Our fully-managed hearing solution integrates seamlessly with your virtual workspaces. Our services include:

  • Continued access to your documents and workspaces within the hearing environment
  • Electronic Presentation of Evidence (EPE) managed by an experienced EPE operator
  • Realtime Transcription – annotate, highlight and collaborate on the live hearing transcript as the words are spoken
  •  Daily transcription – access the fully hyperlinked transcript with synchronised audio recording at the end of each day

Fully managed service for peace of mind  

We know from our extensive experience that every public inquiry and inquest is unique. We can contribute to and support any additional requirements during the proceedings from bespoke configuration of hearing rooms to preparation and provision of referenced evidence to the case team on a daily basis.


"We all worked as one team, to deliver the Inquiry in a swift time frame... The Opus 2 team rose to the challenge and were able to accommodate our demands, flex their support and offer solutions."

Sarah Jones, Partner, Eversheds Sutherland LLP, Solicitors to the Independent Jersey Care Inquiry

Why choose Opus 2?

Integrated technology and service provision

Integrated technology and service provision

All our services are accessible through a single connected platform reducing the administrative burden of multiple systems and disjointed workflows. Our proven technology and experienced team will ensure efficient and cost-effective conduct of the inquiry or inquest throughout the proceedings.

Security is at the heart of everything we do

Security is at the heart of everything we do

As an ISO27001:2013 and Cyber Essentials Plus certified organisation, security is at the heart of everything we do. Our dedicated security team focuses on ensuring we deliver secure solutions and our platform provides 2-factor authentication as a standard. We have worked closely with both the Home Office and the police complying with their procedures and incorporating their requirements into our processes.

Always tailored to your needs

Always tailored to your needs

We understand every inquest or inquiry is unique, that’s why our technology and services are designed to be flexible and adapt to your requirements. Our highly experienced team are proactive in anticipating your needs and factors that may affect your proceedings and you'll be working with experienced consultants and dedicated case managers that can advise you on best practice every step of the way.

Depth of experience

Depth of experience

Over the past decade, Opus 2 has been instructed to provide its suite of technology solutions and hearing room services to more than 15 public inquests and inquiries. And in the last year alone, our expert team has facilitated 1200 hearings worldwide. We have a deep understanding of all the moving parts that need to come together to facilitate any type of hearing so you can rest assured that you are working with the most experienced team in the world.

G-Cloud 12 Supplier

G-Cloud 12 Supplier

As part of our continued commitment to providing digital services to support the needs of the government and the public, Opus 2 is a registered supplier on the Digital Marketplace under the G Cloud Framework.

Ongoing support and technical consultancy

Having a consistent team on hand with expert knowledge is critical to the success of proceedings. It provides confidence and allows stakeholders to focus on the things they need to without having to worry about any technical aspects.

Expert day-to-day assistance
Expert day-to-day assistance
Tailored training
Tailored training
Technical consultancy
Technical consultancy

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