Realtime Transcription

Connects the entire case team to live proceedings whether they are in the hearing room or based remotely. All users can follow the hearing as it unfolds and collaborate in real time to share notes and ideas.


Follow live proceedings

Gain access to all hearing room proceedings via a live transcription feed, so everyone involved gets up-to-the-minute information on developments and can act immediately if necessary.

Get a front-row seat in the hearing room without having to physically be there.


Connect the entire case team

Connect all authorised participants — legal teams and their clients, judges or arbitrators — to their own private online workspace. Any team members not in the hearing room can log-in from anywhere using any device with a modern browser to view and follow the live transcript. No one is left playing catch up.


Collaborate in real time

Stay connected with team members and exchange ideas and comments as the hearing unfolds. Add notes and tags to live testimony and create hyperlinks from the live text to other sections of the transcripts, for ease of navigation. Share notes and links with fellow users and chat with team members who are also logged in to the live hearing.

Upgrade to a fully managed electronic hearing service for litigation or arbitration – all your key case materials will already be loaded, giving you instant access to all referenced material. Present all the evidence electronically. Your transcript will appear along with links to key documents being referenced, enabling instant access to any materials during the proceedings.


Ensure continuity

Log in to re-live any moment from the day. Transcripts are delivered at the end of each day, complete with synchronised audio files to provide a connected insight into the day. Enter a time or page number or adjust the timeline slider to playback that precise moment, including orders, transcript text, live annotations and live chat messages.

With our fully managed electronic hearings service, all of these are provided alongside the key documents, statements, research and bundles already in the workspace.

Key benefits

Follow proceedings from anywhere

All members of your legal team can follow the live proceedings from anywhere, even if they are not physically there.

Insights from whole case team

Put the power of the entire legal team at counsel’s disposal during the live proceedings.

Streamline hearings and reduce costs

High quality live transcript of the proceedings means you don’t have to wait until the end of the day to start analysing and acting on the evidence and information unfolding at the hearing.

Real time collaboration

Exchange ideas, questions and notes in real time during the live proceedings by making annotations and highlights directly on the live transcript.


“I certainly would never like to do another trial without using Opus 2 and Realtime, as I shall be telling anyone here who cares to listen!”

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