The world’s leading electronic bundle service, Opus 2 is the strategic choice for legal teams across the globe.

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Opus 2 Magnum is a state-of-the-art case management and trial presentation platform that enables legal teams to work collaboratively on document sets regardless of their physical location.

All case documents and work product remain in one secure, central workspace helping to deliver significant efficiencies and cost savings throughout the legal process.

Designed for lawyers, Magnum’s intuitive interface has been developed to mimic how legal teams have traditionally worked with paper, making it easy to use and popular with legal professionals of all levels, from associates through to judges.


A paperless trial is no longer a vision of the future. Here at Opus 2, we work with legal teams and court rooms around the world to deliver paperless trials every day.

Our ground-breaking Opus 2 Magnum technology is the cornerstone of our electronic trial service. Opus 2 Magnum is a private cloud-based service from which solicitors, barristers and experts, view transcripts and documents, and collaborate on work product for applications, trial preparation and hearings.


Opus 2 however, is much more than just an award-winning software company. We offer a comprehensive, industry-leading court room service which can include electronic presentation of evidence screens, laptops, real-time transcription services and fully equipped break-out rooms.

Our unique blend of award winning software and services, combined with the passion, knowledge and dedication of our team mean we’re able to overcome the logistical hurdles of any trial, large or small, regardless of location.

Key Benefits

Organise evidence

Create virtual binders for witnesses, issues, or trial exhibits and tag documents by theme, cast of characters, or timeline. Avoid duplication and centralise your strategic analysis.

Share and engage

Share work product with other authorized users and engage in a meaningful dialog. The discussion may inspire new strategies and insights that will be forever preserved.

In-document collaboration

Build upon one another's insights in real-time, yielding optimal legal representation for clients. Share work product with team members in one click and alert them to urgent discoveries.

Tailored reports

Opus 2 Magnum enables users to "slice and dice" all of the work product across all content in the workspace, including documents, transcripts, designations and video. Straight-forward filtering and sorting tools yield simple custom reports.

Annotate any content

Opus 2 Magnum enables the entire team to work digitally and benefit from the collective insight by keeping work product with the actual documents and transcripts.

Discover relationships

In the document view feature, Magnum tracks each time a document has been referenced in particular issues or themes. This helps the case team keep a finger on the most pertinent information and how it relates to other probative matters.


With privacy and cost concerns often driving the decision to arbitrate, Opus 2’s comprehensive hearing room service has fast developed a reputation for delivery.

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Cost Efficient

Magnum - our award-winning case management and hearing presentation technology has been proven to deliver cost savings of over 50% on large, complex cases when compared against working with hard copy bundles.

These savings are further magnified by a possible reduction in the hearing duration by as much as 30%.


Magnum chat sessions enable online conversations to take place during the hearing without the need to pass post-it notes between team members.

Electronic annotations can be made against the real-time digital transcript feed as well as any documents involved in the hearing.

The online nature of Magnum means witnesses and team members can follow along, and participate in the hearing from a secure location anywhere in the world.


Perhaps the key strength of Opus 2’s comprehensive hearing room service however, is its ability to be delivered wherever and whenever it is needed.

Laptops, iPads and electronic evidence display screens form a core part of our offering and this is further complemented by world class transcription services, technical support and case manager dedicated to ensuring everything runs according to plan.


It’s actually automating so much of the work that the lawyers would normally spend hours to achieve. There is no question that it makes lengthy hearings more manageable, but its simplicity makes Magnum a highly useful tool on all cases – irrespective of size.

Partner, Addleshaw Goddard LLP

When our litigators see Opus 2 Magnum, they quickly appreciate its value and they are eager to begin using it; Magnum quickly becomes an essential tool in their case management workflow.

Global Director of Practice Support for Norton Rose Fulbright LLP

Opus 2 Magnum is the most well-rounded litigation support software I have seen. It is easy for our litigators to use, and its designation and hyperlinking tools are very helpful. Magnum is a valuable tool that allows case teams to efficiently handle litigation content both within the firm and with co-counsel.

a prominent New York litigator

Opus 2 Magnum is unique in that it covered all our bases in a single tool. We couldn’t find anything else that compared to it.

Litigation Management Consultant, Bartlit-Beck

Evidence Presentation

Opus 2's Electronic Presentation of Evidence (EPE) service displays digital copies of your chosen documents within seconds of them being called in a hearing or at trial.

The documents are displayed alongside a real-time transcript text. For clients using our Opus 2 Magnum Bundle service, this will also sit alongside the digital bundles and work product from the journey leading up to trial.

A dedicated EPE Officer attends every trial day to manage all electronic aspects, including displaying the documents as they are called, formatting the evidence for optimal display, coordinating the technical setup and placing monitors in strategic locations throughout the courtroom.

The service accelerates proceedings significantly and helps the judge or tribunal to focus on the substance of the evidence rather than on locating it.

M&A Virtual Data Rooms

Opus 2 Forum is a logical extension of the Opus 2 platform, built specifically to handle corporate legal transactions of any size.

Bringing all the benefits of paperless workflows to both buy-side and sell-side parties, Forum provides a secure and productive workspace to help avoid manual processes in due diligence exercises.

No browser plug-ins ensure a fast and hassle-free experience.

Opus 2 offer global support on all dealroom services – get in touch for a quote or to find out more.

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