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Opus 2 is considered to be the leading provider of tailor-made court reporting services to discerning clients throughout the world — clients who recognise the value of a fully personalised service delivered by the finest and most dedicated practitioners in the business.

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Realtime / Same Day

If you require a realtime or same day transcript for your hearing, Opus 2 will work with the most experienced court reporters to produce the highest quality record of proceedings. Counsel and instructing solicitors can refer back to earlier evidence via the live realtime transcript and all users (whether in the hearing room or connected remotely) are able to discreetly interact by way of instant messaging. The final version is fully hyperlinked to all documents referenced during proceedings.

Audio-Synchronised Delivery

At the conclusion of the day's session, Opus 2 uniquely synchronises the audio from the live session to the final transcript. All participants, regardless of their locations, may log in to re-live any moment from the day's proceedings, listening to testimony while reviewing the transcript text in unison.


Opus 2 International offers Consecutive Interpretation, Simultaneous Interpretation and translation services in 180 languages.

Our rotating team-based interpretation helps to maintain the pace of the live proceedings, to reduce fatigue, and to maximise accuracy.

Opus 2 provides ISO-compliant interpretation equipment and technical support and arranges the professional interpreters on the client's behalf.

Digital Transcription

Opus 2 Digital Transcription has thirty-five years of experience in providing verbatim transcription services of all legal proceedings in all Divisions of the Royal Courts of Justice in England and Wales, the Administrative Court, the County Courts and Family Courts, and in the Crown Courts in the North East of England.

EX107 form EX107 guidance notes
  • 1. Complete EX107 form

    To order a court transcript you need to complete an EX107 form which can be obtained here.

  • 2. Send a copy to the court

    Send one copy of the form to the court at which the case was heard and one copy to us including a covering letter detailing when you require the transcript and any appearances or notes on the case which we may find useful when transcribing it.

  • 3. Send via email

    The contact details for all courts can be obtained from the HMCS Court Finder. You can send a copy to us via e-mail.

  • 4. We receive recordings

    In most cases the court will then send us a recording of the case, although we have a dedicated team who visit and collect recordings several times a day from the High Court and the Central Family Court to help speed up this process. We will notify you at the point of receipt if there is a problem with the audio. We will provide you with a written quotation at this point if you require one.

  • 5. Transcription

    We specialise in expedited services, offering a range of delivery timeframes to meet our clients' requirements. Whilst standard transcription typically takes up to 12 working days from receipt of audio subject we can tailor transcript delivery to need.

  • 6. Completion

    After this time, the transcript can be sent to the address provided. Please include an e-mail address to ensure you receive this in a timely fashion. Judgments need to be approved by the Judge before we can release them.


Opus 2 Digital Transcription has a reputation as the market leader in England & Wales for the provision of audio transcription, offering a high quality product prepared and delivered to meet clients' needs, whether on a standard or expedited basis.

We have developed and operate a sophisticated Quality Management System which supports the delivery of a consistently high quality product.


We guarantee that all our transcripts are only of the highest quality in presentation and accuracy, transcribed by experienced individuals whose professional expertise spans all sectors of law, medicine and beyond.

All transcription work undertaken by Opus 2 Digital Transcription is prepared by native English-speaking Transcribers to ensure the utmost quality and accuracy, and to comply with the Data Protection Act.


Opus 2 Digital Transcription has a large team of highly experienced Stenographers and Transcribers.

While there is no professional qualification for Audio Transcribers in England & Wales, our pool of Transcribers are those who meet not only our own in-house requirements and expectations of the company, which are more exacting than those accepted by the majority of other court reporting companies, but also those of clients with specific and demanding instructions.

Audio / Video Transcription

Opus 2 Digital Transcription can transcribe audio of virtually anything that has been previously recorded (eg. interviews, conversations, dictations, etc). We can also transcribe visual gestures from VHS/DVD in interviews. We have experience in this field in providing transcripts for the police, social services and media.

We maintain a secure FTP server which is used for the distribution of recordings from clients and onwards to our Transcribers. This allows us to complete transcripts on our same-day service – without the client having to send us a physical recording.

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