Hybrid Hearings, powered by Opus 2

Hybrid hearings combine elements of virtual hearings and in-person hearings and are increasingly being adopted as legal teams consider how to make as close a return as possible to face-to-face proceedings.

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How can Opus 2 power your hybrid hearings?

Hybrid hearings can assume a number of different formats, using elements of both virtual and in-person hearings. Broadly speaking, a hybrid hearing is one where some participants may be at the venue of the hearing, with some joining remotely. The remote participants may be joining individually or in small groups. There may not be a primary or central venue to the hearing, but some participants will join as groups from a ‘hub’. 

Our highly experienced services team will help you plan your hybrid hearing. We will manage and deliver the critical components for your hearing, including transcription, Electronic Presentation of Evidence (EPE), shared electronic bundles and more. We also deliver a range of add-on services including the video conferencing provision, tech packs and remote access to real-time transcription and EPE.

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Tangible benefits of a hybrid hearing


Adapt the set-up in line with the changing circumstances of the parties involved.


React fast to the changing situation and restrictions thanks to our teams' robust preparation.


Reduce the time and costs involved with travel by conducting proceedings from remote 'hubs'.


Make a positive environmental impact by significantly reducing reliance on hard copy bundles and extensive travel. 

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Is a hybrid hearing right for you?

Our guide to planning modern hearings explores how the dispute resolution process has adapted, and what options are available for courts, arbitration venues and legal teams alike. We consider the different types of hearings and the role technology can play in enhancing them.

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Take a virtual walk-through of in-person, virtual and hybrid hearings powered by Opus 2 with this brand new interactive video. View our setups from the different perspectives of participants during litigation and arbitration proceedings.

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Thinking of another type of hearing?

Not sure if a hybrid hearing is best for you? Explore other types of hearings offered by Opus 2, including in-person and fully virtual hearings. 

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