The future of courtroom litigation


As law professionals adapt to new ways of working and conducting remote or virtual hearings, how will this impact the future of courtroom litigation?  

In a recent article published on, Stephen Embry sheds light on this topic, following his interview with Opus 2 Founder and CEO, Graham Smith-Bernal and our Chief Strategy Officer, Steve Fleming. 

They explain that even before the enforced transition to 100% virtual trials, Opus 2 had been providing a plethora of virtual resources for trials and hearings for some time 

As more and more hearings are conducted virtually, legal teams with access to the Opus 2 technology and services, will be able to prepare, plan and conduct virtual hearings, all within one integrated solution. 

Read the full article by Stephen for his report on how virtual hearings, powered by Opus 2, are being delivered worldwide to keep legal proceedings on track.