Webinar Recap: Making litigation easier with Opus 2 Case Management version 8

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Webinar Recap- Making litigation easier with Opus 2 Case Management version 8

In a live webinar, Kim Bookout (Solution Consultant at Opus 2) and Rachel Bailey (Product Marketing Manager at Opus 2) demonstrated how the platform simplifies trial preparation and showcased some of its powerful new features. 

The typical court case involves an avalanche of information from depositions, expert reports, contacts and other sources, and that material is usually spread out across multiple applications. As a result, trial preparation can become a frustrating, time-consuming challenge.

Luckily, Opus 2 helps your team pull all your key materials together in a single cohesive tool so your team can focus on building the best possible case, not document management.

In the webinar, the presenters shared strategies for using their platform to better organize the information involved in trial prep, including:

  • Developing and using familiar workflows so your team doesn’t have to reinvent processes from scratch for every case. Your workspaces can be created with reusable templates that are configured exactly how you like them.
  • Streamlining processes without completely disrupting your tech stack. Opus 2 brings your data together in one interface so you don’t have to constantly jump from app to app.
  • Building cases collaboratively without sacrificing control over your data. Need to share information with clients, co-counsel and other parties? Opus 2 makes it easy to set permission rules, export a case’s exhibits (with or without the notes you’ve added), or even create dedicated online portals for those audiences. 
  • Capturing productivity gains with tools, such as the auto-linking feature that – with a few clicks – lets you link a source document to multiple files

Consolidating a case’s information in one place is even more important in light of the turnover rates at many firms. Over the past four years, Bailey noted, 26% of attorneys at firms in the Am Law 200 left their jobs. 

With Opus 2, you don’t have to worry about losing an important email, even if the colleague who wrote it leaves. “It isn’t hiding somewhere,” Bailey said. “It’s there in the system with that analysis. It’s just a cleaner, more streamlined process when you’re keeping it all together.” 

The webinar included a series of productivity hacks that can save minutes and even hours, along with walkthroughs of the platform’s newest features.

Watch the webinar: Making litigation easier with Opus 2 Case Management version 8

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